How to run a Book Club as a parent – a step-by-step guide

If you’re a parent and would like to see your school get involved with Scholastic Book Clubs, there are plenty of ways you get involved if school staff are too busy. To find out the different methods of introducing Clubs to your school, take a look at our post on what can you do if your school doesn’t run a Book Club . Then, when you’re ready to start running one, we’ve written a handy step-by-step guide to walk you through the process.

1. Ask the school office if they will take delivery on your behalf.

2. Contact Scholastic and request the leaflets to come out addressed to you c/o School office, or to your home address.

3. Hand the leaflets out to your parents with a letter explaining all about the club. Download our quick and easy template here.

4. Give parents a deadline for orders and ask your class teacher if you can put up a poster on the door reminding everyone of the date. Download your poster here.

5. Gather orders and money from parents and collate them using either the Primary order form or the Teen order form (depending on the age of the children taking part), or send each individual child’s form into Scholastic (address below), and we’ll make sure to include bookmarks so you know which book belongs to each child.

If you’re running an online club, the process is even simpler – once you’ve set up your account and shared your unique web address, parents can shop directly from here, pay for their books and it will automatically be added to your group order. All you have to do is checkout when you’re ready. Please note that in order to do this, you would need to register as working for the school of your choice so would need to get your school’s permission to do so in advance.

6. Send the order to our Scholastic address with a cheque for the full amount. Keep a copy of who’s ordered what!

7. When the books are delivered to the office or your home, collect them and hand out them out at school pick-up time – this is always our favourite part!

8. Let the teacher know that you have earned them X amount in rewards, which they can then use for more brilliant books and resources when they’re ready to spend them.

Of course, if you are doing it for the first time and need a bit more help, our customer service team are always happy to talk you through the process and what to do next – just give them a call on 0845 6039091.

Click here for more advice on what to do if your school isn’t running a Book Club.

Find out more about Scholastic Book Clubs and view our latest selection of books now.

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