Preparing for the Ofsted Reading Deep Dive

The Ofsted Reading Deep Dive

The New Ofsted Framework

Ofsted have announced their new, curriculum-focused framework, meaning that they will be taking a broader approach to what is taught, why it’s taught, and how this impacts pupil outcomes.

Ofsted will assess this in two key ways:
  1. Taking a top-level view – this will involve looking at the curriculum as a whole and how it is implemented.
  2. Deep dives – every inspector will conduct a deep dive into reading, as well as four–six other subject areas in collaboration with senior leaders. Each area will be investigated thoroughly, with evidence collected to really assess the quality of education.

The new framework is set out in the Department of Education’s School Inspection Handbook. To learn more about the framework and how this will impact your school, read the full article on Scholastic Resource Bank.

Preparing for the Ofsted Reading Deep Dive

The Reading Audit

Our mission is built on helping children learn to read and love to read. That’s why we have developed the Reading Audit in collaboration with an independent literacy consultant. Designed to be taken by primary school headteachers, literacy coordinators or reading managers, this audits every type of instructional reading type as well as assessment, reading for pleasure, library usage, home-school links and book events.

By completing the audit, you will receive a a pedagogic development report which includes a summary of research for each reading type and a report into your teaching of reading, highlighting where you are performing well, and suggesting areas of improvement, along with a free model reading policy developed by two reading experts and, if you satisfy the requirements, a Scholastic Reading Charter certificate.

Find more information, including case studies and reports on best-practice, here.

The Resource Bank Reading Hub

Resource Bank provides a wealth of support for teachers to help children discover the pleasure and power of reading. The Resource Bank Reading Hub is the perfect place to find lesson plans and activities to bring reading to life in the classroom, including resources for independent, guided, reciprocal, and close reading to name a few!

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