Covid-19 Permissions

Scholastic COVID-19 Permissions and Resources

England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland

Scholastic are particularly sensitive to the needs of children being able to reap the many benefits that literature brings them and to support their learning outside of the classroom. We have a range of resources to support home learning use by educators, administrators, and families listed below.

Scholastic Resources

In addition to the above, following the reopening of schools and libraries and taking account of the need to protect the copyright in our books we can confirm that online readings of books published by Scholastic Limited (or our imprints such as Alison Green Books) are subject to the following conditions which apply throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Online readings by public libraries and bookshops

For any books published by one of our group companies such as Scholastic Australia (e.g Thelma the Unicorn, Pig the Pug) or Scholastic Inc. (e.g Goosebumps) you will need to seek permission directly from them. Our UK office is happy to forward any requests or answer any queries, please contact Pippa Watts for assistance.

Online learning through schools and nurseries

The temporary online reading permissions granted to schools ended on 1st April 2021. All usage of books including photocopying, resources and online readings are covered by the terms of the school’s CLA licence which applies to all educational establishments including nurseries. Please do speak with the relevant member of staff at your school regarding this licence or see the CLA website for further information..

Should you have any queries regarding the use of our books by schools not mentioned above please contact Rachel Partridge, Group Marketing and PR Director for clarification.

For any other required usage of any of our books whether in part or in full including online use of books if you are not part of a library or school/nursery please see our permissions page or contact Pippa Watts at