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Discover the Scholastic Reading Audit – a comprehensive, independent and research-backed reading audit, designed to challenge and support you in the teaching and leading of reading in your school.

Designed to be taken by primary school headteachers, literacy coordinators or reading managers, this audit covers oracy, phonics and early reading, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension as well as assessment, reading for pleasure, library usage, home-school links and book events.

The Scholastic Reading Audit is provided free of charge for individual schools.

By completing this audit, you will receive:
  • a pedagogic development report which includes a summary of research for each reading type and a report into your teaching of reading, highlighting where you are performing well, and suggesting areas of improvement,
  • and if you satisfy the requirements, a Scholastic Reading Charter certificate, plus a ‘reading school’ logo for your school website.

This audit has been edited by Rachel Clarke, an independent Literacy Consultant at Primary English and author, former member of the UKLA National Council as a representative for the West Midlands region.

This Reading Audit covers all areas of reading and is designed to challenge and support you in the teaching of reading and encouraging children to read for pleasure. This is the second edition of the Scholastic Reading Audit, building on the good work of Ruth Sale, my predecessor as editor of the Reading Audit. In this edition we’ve added areas to support fluency, vocabulary, oracy and much more.

Rachel Clarke

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