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Reading lists

Use these reading lists for inspiration! The world is full of fantastic books, and we’ve got some of the very best, arranged by ages, for you here.

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Strong Female Characters

These reading lists feature stand-up, inspirational heroines for all ages.

Ages 3+

Ages 7+

Ages 9+

Ages 11+

Ages 13+


Watch our short and fun videos, packed with tips to make reading fun, both in and out of school.

Create Reading Stars!

Express thoughts through writing

Find the passion

Get the lollipop lady involved!

It’s ok to stop reading

Laugh together!

Promote reading everywhere… even in the loos!

Lego and Frozen: Read something familiar

Reading doesn’t have to be challenging

Reward readers

Run a Scholastic Book Club or Book Fair

Share the excitement

There are no bad books

Visit the local library

What is the Reading Charter?

What to do when you hear ‘I’m bored!’

Free resources

Scholastic Resource Bank: Primary

Get started with stories and engage with reading with this selection of free activities and resources from Scholastic Resource Bank.

- Talk about… Stories’ discussion cards

- The Silver Shilling illustration poster

- The story of Robin Hood and Friar Tuck interactive whiteboard resource

- Jigsaw story starter cards

- Story openings activity sheet

- The Tortoise and the Hare traditional story

- In my perfect story activity sheet

- Why every school should have a good library article

- Reading signposts KS1 article

- Reading aloud article

- How to keep a reading journal article

- Spot the book activity sheet

- Getting into a book – describing settings activity sheet

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