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Hear what teachers, parents, literacy experts and children are saying about the pleasure and power of reading.

Our Mission

Learning, discovery, and imagination at play. Scholastic's mission is built on that special moment a child finds the right book to read. When once-upon-a-time becomes the only time that matters, and a child who reads becomes a child who loves to read— for a lifetime. We are dedicated to helping every child make that precious, transformative moment his or her very own—again and again.

We believe that just as independent reading is critical part of every child's learning and growth, finding the right time is an important first step in their individual development. With support from teachers, parents and schools, children choose from Scholastic the books they want to read, and in doing so, they empower themselves and the progress they achieve through those choices.

The right book is a key. It opens a world of greater understanding, self-motivation, and joy.
It opens a world of possible.

The Research

The more students read, the better their comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency, and the more likely they are to build a robust knowledge of themselves and the world.

When children choose their own books to read, versus having books assigned, they are five times more likely to read the whole book.

When a young child gets excited about a topic or a story, he can read four or five books in a single day. An older reader can read several books a week when she finds a character or a plot or a fact that connects to her life and expands her world.

When children want to read, they drive their own learning, which can be many times more powerful than simply following along in a class assignment.

When children have books at home, they do better in school. Having books in the home is more important than parents' education levels as a marker for success in school.

When children read widely and often, they develop higher-order thinking skills called for by the new standards, and also develop a love for reading and learning. Reading helps them to feel more optimistic, and to see a world in which they can reach higher and achieve their dreams.

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