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About Read Every Day

Read Every Day is a campaign designed to promote the value and importance of reading both for success in school and in life. Our aim is to give kids the opportunity to do themselves some good with a daily dive into a great book. To help inspire them, we’re doing lots of things to make reading more exciting as well as offering ideas and resources to help kids read more because research shows that kids who read succeed.

As part of our campaign, we commissioned research into reading habits and their outcomes from Durham University. It’s fascinating stuff. We know for example, that kids who have books in the home do better at school and the more books they have and read, the better they do. When the whole family gets involved that helps raise reading attainment too as kids who see the adults in their life reading, read more.

We want to inspire a generation of readers. It’s an ambitious task, so we’re asking parents and teachers to get involved to help ensure that all kids learn to read and love to read. We’ve got some great ideas to help make reading exciting, and there are loads of ways you can help, from running a Book Club or Fair at your school to sharing stories at bedtime. We’d love it if joined our campaign and helped someone you know to Read Every Day.

Become a Reading Role Model

Read Every Day – daily reading can lead kids to a fuller, more successful life. But sometimes they need help to get there. That’s why we’re inviting you to become a Reading Role Model.

Help to get kids reading


We all have books that mean something to us. The ones that made us think, made us happy or sad or ones that stay with us for years. Here are the books that some of our favourite people love.

Celebrity Bookprints

  • One Direction
  • Liz Pichon
  • Cerrie Burnell
  • Little Mix
  • Boris Johnson
  • Daniel Radcliffe
  • Oliver Jeffers
  • Emma Thompson
  • Annabel Karmel
  • Richard Branson
  • Dave Eggers
  • Union J
  • Richard Curtis
  • Lily Collins
  • Damien Hirst
  • Thandie Newton
  • Edith Bowman
  • Dr Christian
  • Ben Elton

Scholastic Bookprints

  • Catherine Bell
  • Steve Thompson
  • Rachel Partridge
  • John Gerrard
  • David Sanger
  • Sheila Wood
  • Yvonne Murphy
  • Nicola Dixon
  • Jamie Gregory
  • Kate Newport

In the news

Reading for pleasure improves maths skills in children

A study by the Institute of Education at the University of London has found that children who read for pleasure perform significantly better at school than those who read less. Reading for pleasure had more effect than their parents’ level of education on the cognitive development of the children studied. It was shown to improve performance in vocabulary, spelling and maths tests. You can find out more about the study at

Scholastic Book Clubs & Book Fairs

Book Clubs

Scholastic Book Clubs are a great way to make books exciting and help kids choose what they want to read. Every term, we bring together hundreds of the best children’s books for children to browse and buy – there’s something for everyone, no matter what your age, interest or budget. Every purchase earns Scholastic rewards for your school, which allow you to refresh your library or classrooms with brand new books and resources – for free.

More info about Book Clubs

Book Fairs

Turn reading into a real event by holding a Book Fair at your school. We’ll bring a ‘pop-up’ bookshop direct to you, packed with a huge range of the best children’s books to inspire kids to pick up a book and read. We cover everything from fiction to funny and classic picture books to characters and crafts. Everyone can get involved in running the Fair (even parents!) and every purchase earns Scholastic rewards for your school.

More info about Book Fairs

Literacy Champions

  • Beanstalk

    Beanstalk is a national charity that recruits, vets, trains and supports volunteer reading helpers to work in primary schools with children who have fallen behind with their reading. Beanstalk has more than 2,100 volunteers who carry out their work across England through 17 branches.

    Find out about Beanstalk’s work and achievements or sign up to be a reading volunteer here.

  • Booktrust

    Booktrust is a reading and writing charity and gives books to babies, toddlers, primary and secondary school children. They provide books at crucial stages of a child’s development. Booktrust ensures that every child has the opportunity to experience the delight and power of books.

    Find out more about Booktrust here

Resources, Hints & Tips

We're here to help support your efforts in getting kids to read by providing tips and resources for all ages.

Five things you can do today to get kids reading

  1. Read Aloud

    Kids who are read to from a young age become better readers and students. Read every day with your child, or be a volunteer reader at your local school.
  2. Be a Reading Role Model

    You are your children's first teacher. If your children see you reading, they'll want to read, too.
  3. Have Books in Your Home

    Think about starting a home library or give books as gifts– if children have books in the home they do better at school.
  4. Support a Literacy Organisation:

    Check out our listing of Literacy Champion organisations and choose one you'd like to help with time or money.
  5. Make Reading the Main Event

    Join or create a book club, institute an “unplugged” night at home, or talk about books over dinner. Getting the whole family involved raises reading achievement.

Scholastic Reading Survey

As part of our commitment to get more kids reading every day, we're undertaking a national Reading Survey in association with Durham University. It will provide us with an up-to-the-minute snapshot of UK behaviour, attitudes and enthusiasm in relation to books.

If you’d like to take part, just select one of the links below:

The results will be published in October.

Book lists for all ages

Looking for the right book to inspire a child to read? You'll find it here.