Scholastic Spotlight: Top 5 Gadgets from Andy Briggs, author of The Inventory: Iron Fist

The Inventory is hidden in a small suburban town and houses a collection of the most incredible technology the world has NEVER seen: invisible camouflage, HoverBoots, indestructible metals, and the deadly war robot Iron Fist. In Andy Briggs’ latest book, The Inventory: Iron Fist, the Inventory is catastrophically breached by a ruthless gang of thieves and Dev and his friends must work together to stop thieves getting away with all the gadgets and save the world.

To celebrate the publication of Andy Briggs’ new book, The Inventory: Iron Fist, we asked Andy to share the top five gadgets he wished existed. Watch the videos below to find out more.

What gadgets would you want to see in existence? Perhaps it exists in Andy’s latest book The Inventory: Iron Fist? Find out by getting your copy now

Iron Fist

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