5 Reasons to Try Phonics Book Bag Readers

Scholastic Phonics Book Bag Readers

Scholastic Phonics Book Bag Readers are an easy-to-use series of decodable readers designed to help children develop their phonic knowledge and early reading skills at home and in the classroom. With over 100 readers in the range, each one has been carefully crafted to build the skills and confidence children need to help them become lifelong readers. Check out our 5 reasons to try Phonics Book Bag Readers below.

1. 100% aligned to Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised

Scholastic Phonics Book Bag Readers are 100 per cent aligned with Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised, a complete phonics programme that is validated by the Department for Education. Over 5,000 primary schools in the UK have chosen the Little Wandle Phonics programme, helping children to apply their learning and become highly competent readers whilst also instilling good habits to help them become life-long readers.

2. Move children from decoding to comprehension

The series aims to reinforce classroom learning, focusing on different phonemes within the current and preceding levels to foster fluency and phrasing skills. Each decodable reader has been carefully crafted to help children to build on their phonic knowledge, moving confidently from decoding the words to comprehension. This all helps them become confident readers who will enjoy reading, both for school and for pleasure.

3. Diverse and inclusive range

The series includes a wide selection of over 100 diverse and inclusive fiction and non-fiction readers to engage and inspire children. Each book is accompanied by bright and contemporary illustrations and photographs that are detailed so as not to provide picture cues and prompting.

4. Excellent value

The series caters to both parents and teachers with a variety of budget-friendly Phonics Book Bag Readers packs. The Easy Buy Packs include six copies of each fiction or non-fiction book making them perfect for teachers who want to extend their phonics library and make the most of their budget. For parents, the easy-to-use Starter Packs include all the books children need for each stage of their reading journey making them ideal for supporting phonics at home.

5. Include extra activities and support

Within each book, you will find activities to help children practise and apply their early learning skills, including the ‘talk about it’ and ‘retell the story’ tasks designed to help them develop their oracy, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. Notes and guidance are also provided to help you feel confident in supporting your children every step of the way.

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