Celebrate British Science Week 6-15th March

Ten days of superb science! How are you getting involved in British Science Week this year?

This year’s theme is centred on ‘Our diverse planet’, with different ways to celebrate our amazing ecological, cultural and societal diversity. Why not inspire budding scientists and get creative with the UK’s biggest celebration of exploration and discovery.

There’s no better time to pick up some great books for every interest, whether that’s space, maths, tech, or dinosaurs! We also have plenty of reads for young eco-warriors, on current hot topics such as climate change, plastic and pollution.

Here are our 5 top picks for celebrating science in all its glory:


Planet Greta

Planet Greta: How Greta Thunberg Wants You to Help Her Save Our Planet

Who is Greta Thunberg? How did she start fighting for climate change? This book is a must-read if you’re worried about our planet!

Jam-packed with facts about the teenage climate activist and her mission to save the planet, it also has quotes from her speeches, background facts about climate change, and tips on how you can make a difference.

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Love space?

Unlocking the Universe

Unlocking the Universe

Compiled by physicist Professor Stephen Hawking and his daughter Lucy, this is a brand-new dazzling compilation of facts about our world and beyond.

What would it have been like to walk the lava-filled Earth when it first came into being, 4.5 billion years ago? How would it feel to stand beside an erupting volcano? What would you do if robots took over the world?

Prepare to unlock the most mysterious secrets of the universe…

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Inspirational figures

Life Story Pack

A Life Story pack

“Science and everyday life cannot and should not be seperated” – Rosalind Franklin.

Four exciting biographies of pioneering legends in the STEM fields, each with never-heard-before facts, striking artwork and a timeline.

Meet inspirational figures such as Alan Turing, World War Two code-breaking icon; the late Katherine Johnson, trailblazing NASA maths genius; and DNA pioneer Rosalind Franklin.

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Facts for curious kids

DK Find Out About Pack

DK Findout! pack

Amazing to look at. Bursting with interest. Perfect for building your knowledge.

This interactive DK Findout series has the expert lowdown on favourite topics: science, bugs and the human body. It’s packed with exciting colour photos, quizzes, diagrams, Q&As and cool visuals!

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My Awesome Dinosaur Book

My Awesome Dinosaur Book

This is sure to thrill younger readers!

Each spread has a dinosaur profile full of bite-size info and is packed with bright graphics and pictures. It even has a super two-way sequin cover to add to the dino excitement!

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