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Are you looking for interactive things for your children to do with their time?

We’re here to help with creative and educational activities for children to do at home. Find a wide range of free downloadable activity sheets to tie in with all of your favourite book characters.

Book quizzes, games, word searches, drawing and colouring-in, puzzles, teaching resource packs, you name it – there’s something for every child to enjoy!

Activities at Home
Drawing Activities
Tom Gates Drawing Activity

Tom Gates epic drawing activity

Transport yourself into the Tom Gates world… Tom’s dad gets his hands on a CRAZY hot dog car in Spectacular School Trip (really…). Why not doodle your own epic mode of transport below? It could be a caramel wafer aeroplane, or a DogZombie bus…

Colouring Activities
A Little Bit Brave Colouring Sheet

A Little Bit Brave colouring sheet

Logan is a stay-at-home bunny. He likes familiar things: his favourite toy, his cosiest den. But now it’s time for his first adventure outside the burrow. Add some colour to help Logan pluck up the courage for his first adventure!

Dinky Donkey Maze

The Dinky Donkey maze puzzle

Can you help the Dinky Donkey find her way to her mum, Wonky Donkey?

Legend of Kevin Quiz

The Legend of Kevin quiz

Max is a normal kid living in a tower block. He dreams of having big adventures. Then one day – DOOF! A flying pony called Kevin crashes into his flat, blown in by a magical storm! Kevin isn’t your typical flying horse. He’s way funnier! Take this epic personality quiz and discover which The Legend of Kevin character you are most like!

Videos from Authors
Darkwhispers Author Video

Darkwhispers: A Brightstorm Story by Vashti Hardy

Award-winning author of Wildspark and Brightstorm, Vashti Hardy, reads the first chapter for her brand new book Darkwhispers: A Brightstorm Story.

Download free resources based on Brightstorm
Teaching Resources
The Boy Who Fooled the World Resource Pack

The Boy Who Fooled the World resource pack

Incredibly readable, funny, poignant and just a little bit magical, this book is ideal for reading together with older children, exploring relevant discussion points such as dealing with worry and the pressure to fit in. This 16 page resource pack will get children reading chapters of the book and exploring feelings and emotions. With the resource sheets provided, they will use mind-maps, storyboards, colour and art materials to learn.

Oi You! Match the Pairs

Oi You! match the pairs game

Can you match each animal to their seat? Hint: It rhymes with their name!

Sharing a Shell Dot-to-Dot

Sharing a Shell dot-to-dot

Join in the dots following the numbers to discover what Crab, Blob and Brush are hiding in, from Julia Donaldson’s Sharing a Shell picture book.

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