Our top 5 ELT resources for keeping students engaged this summer

The countdown has begun and the summer holidays are on the horizon! But while summer is the perfect time to unwind and take a well-deserved break, keeping students engaged with their English language learning will ensure they’re ready for the next year to begin. To keep up the momentum over the next few months, we’re offering our top 5 summer resources as free downloads!

1. Hobbies
Hobbies Worksheet
This worksheet is perfect for beginner learners. Can you find a hobby for each letter of the alphabet? Which vowels are missing from these classic summer camp activities? You can even find out what your ideal holiday would be with a fun quiz!

2. A Summer Job
Summer Job Worksheet
Richard has got a job in a supermarket during his summer holidays! Can you look at his list of products and decide where they belong on the shelves? This worksheet challenges pre-intermediate and intermediate learners to stay on top of their supermarket vocabulary.

3. A Summer Outing
A Summer Outing Worksheet
Practise your phrasal prepositions by helping Ethan complete his diary about a trip to Williamsburg! By choosing the correct word and following the arrows, the letters will spell the name of a famous historical figure who lived in the town.

4. Summer Holidays
Summer Holidays Worksheet
This five page download includes a range of activities related to the summer holidays, including buying souvenirs, visiting London and getting lost in the airport. Practise reading and vocabulary with crosswords, dot-to-dots and more!

5. Sports Day
Sports Day Worksheet
Schools in the UK (and around the world) often hold a sports day before the summer holiday begins! This sports day worksheet is perfect for helping intermediate learners practise their compound adjectives.

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