Resources to support children returning to school

As schools, nurseries and early years setting prepare to go back on the 8th March, we understand that some children may be unsure about returning to the classroom, or may want to talk about the lockdown and coronavirus.

We’ve put together a selection of articles and activities from the Scholastic Resource Bank to help you to support children as they go back to school.

Please note that any article or activity marked with † is only available to Scholastic Resource Bank members.


EYFS activities to help children process their emotions during the pandemic

In this article, educational expert Hilary White suggests a range of fun activity ideas suitable for Early Years.

Emotions wheel

Emotions wheel

Help children to express any emotions they are feeling about returning to school with this word wheel.

social distancing in the classroom

Talking About the Coronavirus With Children †

This article contains resources and activity ideas aimed at helping children who have recently returned to school.

Talking About the Coronavirus With Young Children

Talking About the Coronavirus With Young Children

How should you discuss the new coronavirus with your students? Child psychologist Laura Saunders, Psy.D., ABPP, explains what to say and how to address children’s anxieties. This resource is also featured in the above article.

children in the classroom

Helping children return to school post-lockdown – challenges and opportunities †

This article explores some of the difficulties children may face when returning to school and offers practical ideas to help children settle back into school life after months away.

Stop the Germs! Poster

Stop the Germs! Poster

A poster about how to stop the spread of germs, aimed at young children.

What’s on Your Hands? Poster

What’s on Your Hands? Poster

A poster with facts about germs and hand washing advice.

My happy classroom rules

My Happy Classroom Rules

Use this template to create a list of ‘happy’ and/or coronavirus-related rules for your classroom.

teacher in classroom

Teacher wellbeing and returning to teaching in the shadow of COVID19

This article offers advice on what to do if restarting school has left you feeling overwhelmed and how to tackle worries you may have about teaching in the classroom again with all the additional challenges that the COVID19 pandemic has created.

Children doing PE

Increasing Physical Activity In Schools While Adhering To New Coronavirus Safety Measures †

In this article, Jill Carroll-Hughes, an experienced teacher, shares ideas for increasing physical activity while still practising some of the skills required from the PE curriculum.

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