Scholastic Rewards: earn free books for your school!


As of September 2016, put your Scholastic Rewards towards books and resources from our current leaflets, Schools Catalogue, or online shop – AND brand-new educational books and resources.

In the past, you haven’t been able to spend your Rewards on any new education products published within the last twelve months. However, we’re excited to say that you can now spend the Scholastic Rewards you’ll accumulate on any brand-new educational books and resources you want! That’s in addition to the books and resources from our current leaflets, Schools Catalogue, and online shop.

Whenever you place an order with us that’s £10 and over, we’ll give you back 20p for every £1 you spend. The Scholastic Rewards you’ll earn are then given back to your school in free books of your choice.

If you’re a teacher, you can run Book Clubs throughout the year with your class. There is no obligation for parents to purchase, but for every £1 they spend on a school’s Book Club order we’ll donate 20p in FREE BOOKS back to the school.

If you’re a parent and your school isn’t running a Book Club, you can still order online with us and choose where you would like to donate your Scholastic Rewards – whether that’s to your own children’s school, or to our charity pot.

Find out more about our Book Clubs and how your school can get involved here.

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