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A note from Eve Ainsworth, author of Lost:

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Grief is one of the most complex and overwhelming emotions that we can experience in life, and talking about grief is so important.

Lost is a book about a boy dealing with grief. In the book, I wanted to show that true strength comes from accepting pain and from building up the courage to talk about it. Because talking is what we need to do above all else, and talking does take courage. Sharing feelings with a trusted person can help relieve the burden of grief by allowing us to properly process the reality of what we’ve experienced. And if we’re open about the challenges that we face in life, and allow ourselves and other people to grieve in the way that feels right for them, then we can help prevent negative feelings and thoughts from building up. We can explore and unpick the many questions we have and, perhaps more importantly, we can truly honour and remember the person or people we’ve lost.

This is why I want to open up the conversation about grief and encourage people to share memories of a loved one they have lost

By talking about and sharing our worries and experiences, we can help to reduce anxiety, increase understanding of the emotions created by grief and encourage healing… so please join the conversation. Download and print our Memory Bird and share a happy memory of a lost loved one, or a time when you’ve felt supported or heard. It’s time to talk.

Join the conversation and download your Memory Bird here

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You can also order a copy of Eve’s latest book Lost here

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