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Fighting Fantasy: Crystal of Storms

Welcome to Scholastic’s Fighting Fantasy: Crystal of Storms Mini Adventure!

This online adventure is a gateway to another world – a world of dark magic, terrifying monsters, brooding castles, treacherous dungeons and untold danger, where a noble few defend against the myriad schemes of the forces of evil. Welcome to the world of FIGHTING FANTASY!

Whether you’re new to Fighting Fantasy books, or want a sneak peek into Crystal of Storms, play our mini online adventure to get a feel for how Fighting Fantasy works.

So what is Fighting Fantasy? Mixing immersive adventure storytelling with dice-based roleplaying, these imaginative gamebooks created by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, are classic adventure novels beloved by fans since the ‘80s. We are thrilled to publish the latest addition to the series this October, Crystal of Storms, written by prolific games writer and the first female guest writer, Rhianna Pratchett.
Want to know more? Watch this video from creator Ian Livingstone:
In this online play-through, you will get to experience the beginning of Crystal of Storms. In the book itself, every choice you make leads to a different path. To keep it simple, in this online adventure we’ve pre-made some choices for you to keep the paths easy to follow.

If you’re new to Fighting Fantasy or want to learn more about the intricacies of Crystal of Storms, read and download our How to Play Guide here: How to Play Guide

If you have played Fighting Fantasy before, you’ll realise that to have any chance of success, you will need to discover your hero’s attributes. You can create your own character by following the instructions on our How to Play Guide. Enter your character’s details on the Adventure Sheet, which you can download here: Adventure Sheet

Also note that, unlike other Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, in this adventure you do not start with any Provisions.
A note on dice. If you do not have a pair of dice handy, dice rolls are normally printed throughout the book at the bottom of the pages. For this online play-through, we’ve added a dice roller to each page you need a dice.
If you need a dice roller to create your character, please use this one below:

Fighting Fantasy: Crystal of Storms