Funny Fiction

Laugh your socks off with Scholastic’s selection of funny books.

From Princess DisGrace to Super Loud Sam, there’s something to get everyone laughing with these hilarious books – join your favourite funny friends for hours of laugh-out-loud fun.

Princess DisGrace: Winter Term at Tall Towers

It’s winter term and clumsy Princess Grace is back at Tall Towers Academy for her fourth sparkling adventure!

Pippa Morgan’s Diary: Trouble and Squeak

Pippa is DESPERATE for a dog, but Mum isn’t budging. When Mr Bacon introduces Squeak, the class hamster, Pippa sees it as the perfect opportunity to show Mum just how responsible she is. But when Squeak escapes out of his cage, Pippa’s plan starts to backfire…

Tom Gates: Top of the Class (nearly)

The ninth AMAZING instalment of the Tom Gates series follows Tom as he runs for the school council and TRIES to be top of the class. As per usual things don’t quite go according to plan… If only Tom could follow his own TOP tips for being Top of the Class!

Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot vs The Naughty Night-Crawlers from Neptune

Nimrod Night Crawler has created a wormhole so he can take over the world, and Ricky’s Robot is trapped in a deep pit! Without his Mighty Robot, it’s up to Ricky to put a stop to this nightmare from Neptune!

Jedi Academy: The Phantom Bully

It’s Roan’s last year at Jedi Academy. He’s been busier than ever but now, someone is setting him up. If he doesn’t find out who it is, he may get kicked out of school!

Fintan Fedora Explores Again

Fintan Fedora is the world’s worst explorer. Now he’s off to China to find the legendary lost treasures of Yin. Can Fintan dodge the panda poo and kung foo fighters and bring back the treasure?

Pip Street

Welcome to Pip Street! The very ordinary place where extraordinary things happen.

Super Loud Sam

Meet SUPER LOUD SAM! He’s the best (and loudest) superhero around and he’s here to save the day! Parents, teachers, random strangers – they’re always telling Sam to SHUSH! But when a sinister new teacher starts at Sam’s school only Sam’s shouty voice save the day…

Stan Stinky vs The Sewer Pirates

It’s a normal day at school for Stan and pals, until a spate of burglaries are reported – someone’s been looting the sewer! When Stan’s uncle Captain Ratts becomes the main suspect, it’s time for Stan to put his detective hat on and find the real culprits.

Wild Thing Goes Camping

Wild Thing wants to go camping! Not content with making dens in the garden, she begs Dad to take her and Kate to a music festival. Cue plenty of crazy antics as Wild Thing goes ‘bear hunting’ in the woods, swings from branches, and uses her bow-and-arrow toy set to ‘spear’ her arch-enemy. Things are about to get very wild indeed…

The Adventures of Long Arm

A new superhero’s in town in this laugh-out-loud new adventure from children’s TV presenters Sam and Mark! Ricky is always in trouble and is given the worse punishment ever – cleaning the staff toilet! But then something VERY strange happens! His arm gets sucked into the U-bend and when he takes it out again, it’s many times its normal length…

The Yeti Files Meet the Bigfeet

Blizz is a yeti! He studies hidden animals who have taken an oath never to be seen by the outside world. So when a photo of Cousin Brian becomes a media sensation, Brian can’t handle the guilt and disappears. But the annual Bigfoot reunion won’t be the same without him. Can Blizz find him before the secret gets out for good?

The Seriously Extraordinary Diary of Pig

Pig, Duck, Cow and all the Sheeps are far away from their Farm and beloved Vegetarian Farmers. More fun, parps, slops and unbelievable adventure from this much-loved set of characters.

Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-a-Lot

George and Harold, and their doubles have a good thing going. Two of them go to school, while the other two hide in the tree house playing video games—then they switch! But when their gym teacher uses mind-control to create perfect robot children, can they save the day?

John Smith is NOT Boring!

John Smith is sick of having the world’s most boring name. But John is about to learn a massive secret: he can whisk away to other worlds and go on amazing adventures.He may have a boring name, but he’s anything but boring!