Thank you for your interest in using a text extract, illustration or cover from one of our books. Our books and covers are subject to copyright and therefore formal permission is required for the reuse of any such material.

There are some instances where formal permission is not required. Please check if you believe you are covered by an exception such as fair dealing (Copyright Exceptions or Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1998) or because the copyright has expired (the standard term of UK copyright is 70 years after the death of the author or from date of first publication, if later).

To request permission please provide the following information:

  • The full name and address of the licensee.
  • The full name and address of the person/company who will be paying for any relevant fee if different to the requestor.
  • The full title of our book including author and ISBN.
  • Details of the extract you wish to use including word count and page numbers.
  • Details of how you wish to use the material, including:

    - The name of the proposed publication.
    - The publisher of the proposed publication.
    - The date of the proposed publication.
    - The intended print run, page numbers and formats (e.g. print, ebook, password protected website, play, prop, etc.).
    - The territory for the proposed publication (e.g. Worldwide, Europe, UK only, etc.). - Languages the item will be published in. - The proposed retail price.
  • If requesting use of an illustration or cover please confirm whether you will be using this in colour or black and white, as well as the size of the reproduction. Please also confirm if you will need high resolution files.
  • If you wish to use a cover in connection with a translation of one of our books please contact our Rights Department.

To request a copy of a digital accessible format of a book for visually impaired individuals, please confirm the full details of your company as well as the full details of the book required. Please send your permission request to Pippa Watts at

Permission requests will usually be completed in two weeks from the date of receipt of all the relevant information, but this may take longer if we need to consult with agents, authors or illustrators. If the book is owned by our US office your request will be passed to them for processing.

Please send your permission request to Pippa Watts at

Scholastic Ltd reserves the right to decline requests in its sole discretion.