1. What does the STEPS Starter Kit include? Do we have to buy Year 7 baseline tests individually?

The Starter Kit includes the following:

  • Teacher Guides for English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, Computing, Art & Design, Drama, D&T & Food, Music, RS, PE, MFL
  • A single copy of the following tests: English (three different papers), Maths, Science, Geography, History, Computing, French, Spanish, German
  • STEPS Handbook (including grids for each of the subjects)
  • STEPS Implementation Guide
  • STEPS Implementation CD-ROM
  • A single copy of posters for all curriculum subjects

You would need to purchase additional tests for subjects that require a test.

2. How should subject teachers formulate a baseline at the start of Year 7?

Subject teachers should review all of the information available to them to place students individually onto the STEPS grid for their subject. The subject teacher guides provide specific guidance for each subject. A baseline should be set by the end of the first half term using the baseline test/assessment data (taken on first entry to Year 7), KS2 data and standardised aptitude data.

3. How are the baseline assessments/tests marked?

The baseline assessments/tests are teacher-marked. Mark schemes/marking guidance are provided in the subject teacher guides and on the digital component.

4. How should teachers track progress and continue to assign Steps to students after the baseline assessment?

Using their professional judgement against the STEPS Grid will enable teachers to monitor progress. A summative assessment may be advised at key collection points for the system.

5. How would you test languages for a baseline?

There are two tests for languages; one is a language awareness test and the other is a specific language test.

6. Do you offer on-screen tests

No, at this time we don’t.

7. What Management Information Systems are STEPS compatible with?

STEPS is compatible with most Management Information Systems including SIMS. If your System is flexible in terms of importing data, STEPS is easy to implement. We also provide Excel workbooks in case the transition into your System isn’t as smooth as you’d like.

8. How accurate are the forward estimates for GCSE?

The forward estimates for the end of KS4 are based on what students have achieved (or are predicted to achieve) by the end of Year 9. They provide an indication of what students are likely to achieve and can give an indication of what support a student may need. They should be used as an indicator only, other factors (such as student input) will obviously play a part on the final results.

9. Is there a correlation between SATs results and STEPS?

There is no direct link between SATs results and STEPS. STEPS gives directly relevant and reliable baseline results for each subject rather than having to convert English SATs results, for example, to project Geography grades at GCSE.

10. How do I get set up with STEPS – do I need training?

STEPS does not require training. The accompanying CD-ROM will include videos and a PowerPoint to help you train your staff and to present to parents.

11. How do I buy class packs of baseline tests?

You can buy packs of 10 tests for each subject here.

12. Can I use rewards to purchase STEPS?

No, STEPS is not currently available using rewards.

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