100 Activities for the 100th Day of School

Celebrate the 100th day of the school year with your class, on… You can even use the day to have fun while including valuable learning opportunities for your students.

From books to jumps and counting to paper chains, we’ve created 100 quick and easy 100-themed activities to have fun for the 100th Day of School.

100 Days of School Activities

1. Try our 100 Days of School worksheet.

2. Talk about what the world was like 100 years ago.

3. Talk about what you think the world will be like in 100 years in the future. You could even make this into a creative writing exercise.

4. Learn to say 100 in another language. How many languages can you do?

5. Make 100 paper chains and attach them together.

6. Complete a 100-piece puzzle as a class. How easy was it?

7. Take it in turns to create a tally chart up to 100.

8. Have a dancing session for 100 seconds. Was it too long or not long enough?

9. Learn 100 new words as a class. How would you use some of them in a sentence?

10. Draw yourself today and what you think you’ll look like in 100 years.

11. Try our The Hundred Club worksheet.

12. Fill in the missing numbers, counting in multiples from 0 to 100, as part of the ‘Year 3 – Activity 1’ in this Quick Practice pack.

13. Order the numbers from 0 to 100 using signs <, >, = as part of the ‘Year 2 – Activity 2’ in this Quick Practice pack

14. As a class write down 100 reasons why you like school.

15. Create necklaces using 100 beads, dried pasta or even cheerios.

16. Count to 100 by 10s.

17. Count to 100 by 5s.

18. Count to 100 by 2s.

19. Write the numbers up to 100 in Roman Numerals.

20. Do 100 hops or star jumps.

21. Read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, then write a list of 100 foods you would love to eat.

22. Draw a very large pizza and add 100 toppings onto it.

23. See how many times you can write your name in 100 seconds.

24. Use a map to find out what is 100 miles North, South, East and West of your school.

25. Flip a coin 100 times and write down the results. Can you work out the percentage of times it was heads or tails? Can you make a graph that shows the results?

26. Try the same with a dice.

27. Fill in this sentence: ‘On the first day of school I couldn’t _ , but now, on the 100th day, I can __.’

28. Take 100 steps – on the spot, in the playground, around the classroom…

29. Write a story that uses exactly 100 words.

30. If you had £100, what would you buy? Write down a list as a class or in groups. What would you have?

31. Go outside and take 100 steps, then measure how far you get. You could even try and guess before you go, and see who gets closest.

32. As a class, make a list of 100 acts of kindness you can all achieve.

33. Count to 100 in another language.

34. Make a list of 100 nouns, 100 verbs and 100 adjectives.

35. Use our Blank 100 Squares worksheet to calculate change from £1. Each small square is worth 1p. Colour in the amount spent – the remaining amount is the change. This activity is another useful reminder of partitioning numbers into tens and units and a good way of reinforcing 100p = £1.

36. Write as many addition sums as you create that add up to 100.

37. Come up with 100 jokes.

38. Count backwards from 100 to 0. How quickly can you do it? Who can do it the fastest?

39. Write the numbers 1-100 on separate cards. Shuffle the cards and put them in order as fast as you can.

40. Make a list of 100 opposites.

41. Can you name 100 cities? You could use an atlas to research, and then label them on a world map.

42. Write out a list of 100 words, then put them in alphabetical order.

43. Bounce a ball 100 times.

44. Keep a list of how many books everyone in the class reads in a year. Can you get to 100?

45. Draw and make your own ‘100th Day of School’ bookmarks.

46. Make art with 100 dot stickers.

47. Use the digits 1-0-0 to draw pictures. What can you make from those shapes?

48. Everyone closes their eyes and opens them when they think 100 seconds is up. Who got the closest?

49. Make a class banner or display with 100 handprints.

50. See who can walk the furthest in 100 steps.

51. Finish the sentence: ‘I wish I had 100…’ What have you come up with as a class?

52. Write out the words ‘one hundred days’. How many words can you make using those letters?

53. Read One Hundred Hungry Ants, using our free teaching resource. You could even try out some of the ‘ant activities’.

54. Build a structure using 100 blocks/Lego™ pieces/etc.

55. Write a story as a class using 100 sentences. Going around the class, get every pupil to add a sentence.

56. Fill up small bags with 100 small, easy-to-find items (e.g. paperclips, rubbers, etc.), and guess the weight of the bag. Then weigh the bag and see who is closest.

57. Figure out what you were doing 100 hours ago. What have you done between then and now?

58. Write a poem to celebrate the 100th day of school. To help, take a look at our teaching resource for poetry.

59. As a creative writing task or class discussion, answer the question: ‘What can I do now that I couldn’t do 100 days ago?’ Remember, 100 days ago was the first day of school!

60. Write a letter to your future-self that your ancestors can open in 100 years.

61. Collect 100 coins as a class and donate them to charity.

62. Make a paper mosaic with 100 pieces of paper.

63. Go on a scavenger hunt to find items beginning with the letters H, U, N, D, R, E, D.

64. Try our 100 dots worksheet.

65. Make a bird feeder using our craft resource, and feed the birds for 100 days.

66. Read one of the books from our Top 100 children’s books – a list of favourite children’s books for teachers, chosen by teachers! (You can also find many teaching guides for popular children’s book with Read & Respond – the digital editions are available for FREE for Resource Bank members.)

67. Make a tower 100cm tall – you could use building blocks, Lego™, straws, even dried spaghetti and marshmallows!

68. Cut out 100 shapes, then make an image from them.

69. Read The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour-Dog. Try out some of the teaching ideas with our Read and Respond teacher’s guide.

70. Design a game of snakes and ladders with 100 squares. Who can reach the finish first?

71. Challenge the whole class to stand as still as a statue for 100 seconds.

72. Find out who the monarch was 100 years ago. Can you find out any interesting facts about them?

73. Make a list of 100 things you would like to do.

74. Dress up as what you think you’ll look like when you’re 100 years old.

75. As a class, collect 100 pieces of food and donate them to a local food bank.

76. Either using our Hundred Grid or by making your own, colour in the squares to count the rolls of a die, using a different colour on each role, until to get to 100. You could estimate the number of rolls you think it will take and see how close you are.

77. Make a ‘100 Days of School’ crown using our crown template.

78. Collect 100 natural objects and create a class collage.

79. Design a school uniform for 100 years in the future.

80. Learn how to write numbers up to 100 with Mayan numbers using our resource worksheet.

81. Have a go at our 100 Days of School colouring sheet.

82. Write a list of 100 words beginning with the letter C. (The Roman numeral for 100.)

83. Sing 100 Green Bottles sitting on the wall – you can break it down into segments to sing throughout the day to make it easier!

84. Read a book that was written 100 years ago.

85. Build a wall with 100 paper cups.

86. Plant 100 seeds.

87. GCHQ is 100 years old. Try out some of our codebreaking activities, and see if you would have been a good codebreaker 100 years ago.

88. How many circles can you draw in 100 seconds?

89. Hold your arm in the air for 100 seconds.

90. Make a chain using 100 paperclips.

91. Find the most interesting word on page 100 of your dictionary.

92. Learn how to sign 100 Days of School in British Sign Language. Learn some more BSL with our teaching resource.

93. Predict how much of a glass will be filled after adding 100 drops of water into it. Record your predictions, and then add 100 drops and see how close you are.

94. See how many times you can say the alphabet in 100 seconds.

95. Make 100 snowflakes. To get into the mood you could also read The Snow Dragon .

96. Assign a number, from 1 to 26, to each letter of the alphabet. Does anyone’s name add up to 100?

97. Write a list of things that didn’t exist 100 years ago. Can you think of 100 of them?

98. Make a badge to celebrate 100 Days of School, and give it to a friend.

99. See how many numbers you can write down, in order, in 100 seconds.

100. You’ve completed your 100th day of school! To celebrate we’ve created a 100 Days of School certificate.

100 Days of School Certificate

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