Star Buys in our November Book Club

Every Book Club, our experts pick out the books we think you’ll really love and include them at a special price – they could be well-established classics loved for generations, or more modern reads that have acquired legions of fans in only a short time. Either way, we know kids love them and we want to make it as easy as possible for them to read them, so you’ll find most of our Star Buys are £2.99 or under.

Take a look below for some of our favourite Star Buys in our November Club, and or start exploring the full selection.

Mini – 0-6 years


Stick Man

Rhyming bliss from the world’s bestselling picture book pair, for only £2.99. Santa even pays a visit in this snowy delight. One morning Stick Man goes for a jog, and forgets to watch out for an excited dog. Uh-oh: suddenly this poor stick is being tossed around for the dog’s favourite trick! For Christmas, for bedtime, forever: a rhyme your whole family will love.

That's Not My Snowman

That’s Not My Snowman…

Carroty noses, pebbly eyes, woolly scarves and fuzzy hats… Touch and feel these cheerful snowmen as the winter snow floats down! In this lovely novelty book, you’ll find all kinds of snowmen.This beloved series has never felt more special than in this winter delight.

Funny Poems for Christmas (NE)

Funny Poems for Christmas

Food, prezzies, decorations. Visits from Santa. Celebrate all the best bits of Christmas in poetic form! That means more daft puns and silly jokes than you’ll find in a whole box of Christmas crackers. Plus raving relatives, rapping reindeer, talking turkeys and super snowmen.

XD – 7-11 years

Black Queen

Black Queen

A fabulously spooky short read from a master writer, the Black Queen is what Billy calls his weird neighbour. She always wears a black cloak and a wide black hat. She lurks in her garden, alone except for her black cat. So when the Black Queen asks Billy to look after her cat, he’s nervous. What game is the Black Queen playing? Is Billy brave enough to find out? Get it for just £1.99 in our November Club.

Christmas Stories (C&F)

Christmas Stories

Gifts, snow, elves, acts of kindness: merry tales to uncork your goodwill. It’s nearly Christmas – time to get the festive spirit flowing, and break out the paper chains and cookie cutters. Hurray! And this is just £2.99 in our November Club.

Street Child

Street Child

A Carnegie Medal winner tells the true story of the Victorian orphan boy whose plight inspired Dr Barnardo to set up his famous children’s refuge. Jim Jarvis is a runaway. He has fled the dark and terrible workhouse where he was dumped when his mother died. But 1860s London is a dangerous and lonely place, and life is a constant battle for survival.

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