Best MFL Choices on Netflix

The summer holidays are here! After months of hard work, it’s time for you to put your feet up and relax with a film or two. We’ve put together a list of just a few of our favourite foreign-language films and tv series available on UK Netflix so you can keep up with your languages in a fun and entertaining way that will hardly feel like work at all!

Check out our selection, and enjoy your summer break!*


Au Service de la France / A Very Secret Service: Set in 1960s France, this comedy series follows André, the newest recruit to the French Secret Service, as he tries to become an expert spy – without causing a diplomatic incident!

Call My Agent!: Agents at a top Parisian talent agency struggle to keep their company afloat and meet the demands of their celebrity clients.

Marseille: A war of succession rages between the man who has been mayor for 20 years and his former protégé in this drama series starring Gérard Depardieu.

10 Jours en Or: A comedy-drama film which sees responsibility-free Marc undertake a road trip across France with a young boy who has nothing except a piece of paper with an address on it.


Cable Girls: More of a UK-style soap opera than a true Spanish telenovela, this series looks at the lives of four women working at the National Telephone Company in 1920s Madrid as they juggle their love lives, social lives and working lives.

Money Heist: Eight people plan the biggest heist in history as they lock themselves inside the Royal Mint of Spain and deal with hostages and the police whilst trying to print billions of euros, in this popular series.

El Ministerio del Tiempo: a TV series following a secret government institution sending agents back in time to prevent other rogue time travellers from altering key moments in history to suit their own agenda.

It’s Now or Never: A Spanish couple who meet in the UK decide to get married there, but there’s a slight problem – a volcanic eruption has grounded all flights and no one can get to the wedding venue! Both families are determined to reach the wedding by any means necessary in this comedy film.


Ku’damm 56: Monika’s trying to break free of the expectations of both her conservative mother and the 1950s post-war society she’s growing up in. She should be getting married – instead, she’s going to fight for equal rights and rock’n’roll!

Charité: Medical drama in which assistant nurse Ida meets brilliant doctors exploring cures for tuberculosis and diphtheria as she pursues a passion for medicine and tries to rise through the ranks of the physicians.

Family Fever: Having your parents meet your significant other’s parents is rarely fun, but it proves truly awful for Alina and her boyfriend in this comedy film.

Schubert in Love: Comedy film following Olaf Schubert as he tries to find a girlfriend to continue the family line, as per his father’s request – despite having very little interest in love himself.

*Please be aware that some of these titles are rated Mature

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