Making the most of Language Days

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Europe Day is a day of peace and prosperity within Europe. To celebrate, we hosted a whole month of giveaways. We asked you how you have celebrated important days in your classroom and you gave us some fantastic answers. We’d like to share some of our favourites!

Non-uniform days

Non-uniform days are always a great way to celebrate important days at school. Why not take yours one step further? Our favourite suggestion is to wear the colours of the flag as one school prepares to don red, black and yellow for Tag der Deutschen Einheit.


We love snacks and we’re sure students are no different. You can find a great range of MFL food at your local supermarket! Think schokolade and pretzels, brioche and croissants and nachos with plenty of salsa and guacamole. You can use these to reward language learning in your students. Why not take it one step further and celebrate by treating your students to un petit déjeuner or mittagessen – but hold off on the siesta!

Competitions, games and activities

These are always a favourite for getting students excited about languages. Try general knowledge quizes, treasure hunts, guess the language games, match capital cities to the country, poster designing competitions and make videos such as pupils and staff saying hello in as many languages

Celebrate pupil’s work

Related to the above but if you’ve asked pupils to create something like posters or leaflets, why not decorate with them! Stick them up on the walls to get the whole school into the spirit of the day you’re celebrating. You could even have an art show or exhibition and invite everyone to look at their cultural projects.

Get to know your language teachers

A great way to celebrate an important language day is to get all the language teachers involved. There’s lots of ways you could do this but our favourite comes from our winning entry:

“The language teachers sent photos of their bookshelf at home to the school librarian who organised a ‘shelfie’ competition! The pupils have to guess who owns the shelf!”

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