Christian Foley’s Top Tips for Starting Secondary School

Hear from Christian Foley, experienced teacher and author of Moving Up, as he shares his five top tips for children starting secondary school! From advice on making friends, joining clubs and not listening to the rumours, these top tips will help your child or pupils feel less nervous about making the big move.

Top Tip 1: Don’t listen to the rumours

Top Tip 2: Don’t rush friendships

Top Tip 3: Get involved with clubs

Top Tip 4: Remember your teacher wants what’s best for you

Top Tip 5: Take that time to talk to the team

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Moving Up

“The perfect companion for transitioning to secondary”- Lancashire Evening Post

“Highly recommended”- School Reading List

Moving up from primary to secondary school can be scary. Going from being the bosses of the benches, to the youngest in a massive playground is hard. The classrooms are bigger, older students look like adults and don’t even start on the piles of homework, stressful exams and complicated friendships.

Whether you’re heading to secondary school next year, or you’ve just started and still adjusting, Moving Up is here to help you on your journey. From choosing your new school and your first day all the way up to your final exams and your leaving party or prom, this handy guide book will be the perfect companion for transitioning to secondary, and get you feeling confident, building strong friendships, achieving great things and generally being the greatest that you can be.

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