ELT Readers – Festive Favourites

Our ELT Readers are a series of graded readers based on popular films, TV series, classic literature and famous figures. Catering for a range of ages and abilities, there is a perfect reader for everyone!

This festive season, whilst your EFL students are dreaming about their holiday celebrations, keep them engaged with our ELT Readers. Whether or not they celebrate Christmas, our Winter-themed readers will delight English learners of all ages!

Ice Age 1 Audio Pack
A firm family favourite, Ice Age is sure to be a hit with children beginning to read English.
Set at the dawn of the Ice Age, the book follows Manny, a wooly mammoth, Sid, an amusing sloth, and Diego, a hungry sabre-toothed tiger, as they team up to save a human baby. On their journey across the ice to return the child to its father, Manny, Sid and Diego face many adventures together and become unlikely but firm friends.
Ice Age is a Starter Level – Level 1 Reader. Students reading at Starter Level tend to be in their first year of learning English and stories are up to 200 words long with 150 headwords. Level 1 Readers are for students beginning to read independently and are up to 500 words long, with 200 headwords.

Festive ELT Readers Ice Age

Don’t forget to check out the sequels:
Kung Fu Panda Holiday Audio Pack

Some more familiar faces can be found in Kung Fu Panda Holiday , a Starter Level – Level 1 Popcorn ELT Reader.
Join Po and his friend for some Kung Fu in the kitchen and lots of seasonal fun!
In China, it’s the Winter Festival and Po is hosting a very important dinner at the Jade Palace. Can the Dragon Warrior pull it off and host a dinner fit for all the Kung Fu masters of China?
Based on the popular film, Kung Fu Panda Holiday is a great reader for fans of the series, and contains plenty of Christmas fun to keep children engaged.

Peanuts: The Ice-skating Competition AUDIO PACK

Peanuts: The Ice-Skating Competition is a Primary Level 3 ELT Reader adapted from the popular Peanuts comic strip. This charming story is sure to get children giggling and will keep them engaged in learning English through the Christmas period.
Perfect for Primary-aged children who can read English confidently, the story is 1,100 words long with 300 headwords.
When Peppermint Patty decides to enter an ice-skating competition her friends Snoopy, Marcie and Charlie Brown all get involved.

h4. Many of our ELT Readers are accompanied by a CD with an audio recording of the story, browse them all here.

Which ELT Reader is your favourite and why?

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