Hip Hip Hooray for Elmer Day!

Elmer Day celebrates tolerance, kindness and self-respect. Schools, libraries and bookshops up and down the country will be championing David McKee’s wonderful Elmer stories which inspire children – and adults – to be both accepting of those who are different and accepting of our own unique qualities.

What will you do to celebrate? Here are some of the lovely Elmer books to get the festivities started.


Elmer book
Do you ever worry about fitting in? Elmer the patchwork elephant really stands out; he looks like a walking rainbow! One day, he feels tired of being different so paints himself grey to blend in with his herd. How long do you think he can hide his true colours? (Clue: not long!)

The original! Even at 29 years old, David McKee’s true classic resonates now more than ever. Now includes a free audiobook download link

Elmer pair

Elmer with FREE Elmer and the Rainbow Mini Edition

When a beautiful rainbow is in danger of fading away, Elmer bravely offers it his own colours. Will Elmer lose the thing that makes him special? Don’t worry – there’s no danger of that!

An exclusive double delight from Elmer – the original Elmer story plus a free Elmer and the Rainbow mini edition

Elmer pack

Elmer Pack x 4

He’s the world’s only patchwork elephant: a walking rainbow of dazzling colours. He can’t help but make you smile. In these bright, beautiful and funny books, Elmer shows that true beauty comes from within.

Four heartwarming classics starring a truly beloved character and exploring friendship and fitting in. Beautifully illustrated with David McKee’s bright artwork, this pack contains three standard picture books and one mini book

Elmer’s Little Library

Elmer's Little Library

Is it a walking rainbow? No – it’s Elmer, in four first learning books full of jungle joy.

This lovely box set includes four mini board books, which teach first skills – colours, shapes, numbers and actions.

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