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PM is the largest and most finely levelled reading programme in the UK, with a pedagogically sound, proven approach to making every child a successful, balanced reader. The PM collection contains over 1000 carefully levelled fiction and non-fiction texts, organised by series strand and by colour band. Ideal for shared, guided and independent reading, PM can be easily implemented across the whole school or class, or simply used to top up reading resources.
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To help you to make the best use of PM resources, we have recently added new guidance notes and example texts to the Scholastic website. ‘The PM Story’ outlines the history and philosophy behind the reading programme. With a detailed level breakdown and helpful levelling diagram, it’s the perfect resource to help you to work out which books you need. It also explores the PM philosophy of the balanced reader – combining decoding, comprehension and fluency & phrasing with a wide range of text types and genres.
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Our new annotated texts are also designed to help teachers to understand the progression of the PM reading programme. The six example texts, Father Bear Goes Fishing, The Big Jar of Butter, Apples for Sale, The Frilled Lizard, The Arctic Circle and The Anderson Shelter, explain the use of sentence structures, word repetition and illustrations in PM books. Reading through the annotated books will help to get a sense of how the PM series is structured and how it progresses – a must for teachers looking to implement the reading programme in their school.
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