Our top 3 French, German and Spanish resources for keeping students engaged this summer

The countdown has begun and the summer holidays are on the horizon! But while summer is the perfect time to unwind and take a well-deserved break, keeping students engaged with their language learning will ensure they’re ready for September. To keep up the momentum over the next few months, we’re offering 3 engaging resources for French, German and Spanish as free downloads!

1. French Resources
These topical worksheets will encourage your students to think about the weather, clothing and the countries of the world!
Le temps
Vêtements et saisons
Pays du monde

2. German Resources
Use these videos and worksheet to help your students cement their German reading, writing and listening! Please note, while most of these activities can be done independently, some may reference or require previous magazine articles.

Sommer-Urlaub screenshout

Im Urlaub German worksheet

Fußball MGM screenshot

3. Spanish
These Spanish worksheets will keep your students on top form with topical and engaging reading and writing tasks!

Valencia worksheet screenshot
¿QUÉ TAL? screenshot
¡Vamos al cine! worksheet screenshot

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