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In this blog we’ve collected together some of our most highly rated resources so you can see what teachers love best about Scholastic Resource Bank. Discover some of our best reviewed resources and find out how they can save you time and inspire your classes. 

Early Years

Resource Bank Top Rated Resources - Make your own puppet
Just what I needed! My Reception students have been showing great interest around puppets, so I was searching information on how to create a diversity of puppets. Thank you very much!”

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Resource Bank Top Rated Resources_Farmers Field
“Great resource! Wonderful resource for any child, especially for those with EAL or Special Needs.

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Resource Bank Top Rated Resources_The Great Fire of London
Brilliant panorama. My year 2 class loved it. great introduction to the topic. Really dramatic pictures bring to life the reasons why the fire spread. Very useful resource.” Online review

“A fabulous resource that will really appeal to my year 2 class. Thanks!” Online review

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Resource Bank Top Rated Resouces - Rosa Diamond Mystery
“Love this- will engage the most reluctant writer to have a go at writing a short mystery. Being able to print out their work is really motivating- thank you!” Online review

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Resource Bank Top Rated Resources_Origami Shirt
“Thanks for this – it was brilliant! My Yr 3/4 class had a great time making these. We did a dummy run first with scrap paper and then went on to make the real thing. They looked amazing, the children personalised them for their dads. They designed and coloured their own ties, put their dad’s initials on their pockets if they wanted and made them their own. One boy even made a black shirt with a dog collar for his dad who is a vicar. Great fun!” Online review

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Resource Bank Top Rated Resources_Maths Mastery
“Some really great maths This has been a great way of introducing maths (mastery) to my children. I didn’t know where to start but now I’m getting confidence. No surprise they are too. Really great.”Online review

“Supportive of math mastery Great materials, easy to use in lessons.” Online review

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