The creation of The Dinky Donkey!

Katz Cowley is the illustrator of the hit viral sensation The Wonky Donkey which was the first children’s picture book she ever illustrated. Since the book’s runaway success, she has illustrated more brilliant books, including the hilarious Willbee the Bumblebee. Katz has been kind enough to send us pictures of her work from her sketchbook, including pictures from the brilliant follow up to The Wonky Donkey, her latest book The Dinky Donkey.

The Dinky Donkey (PB)

As Katz is just beginning to draw her illustrations, they look like this!

The Dinky Donkey sketchbook image
There’s no colour, and you can only see the donkey’s faces – but they still look very funny, and very cute.
When Katz adds colour, and her illustrations are ready for the final book, they look like this…

Katz Cowley and The Dinky Donkey
You can see the very cute looking Dinky Donkey here! You might recognise this illustration from the cover of The Dinky Donkey.
Of course, Katz doesn’t just draw donkeys…

Illustration of a bird from The Dinky Donkey
It’s wonderful to see all the detail and colours when you look at the illustrations up close!
Discover more of Katz’s illustrations in her books, The Wonky Donkey , The Dinky Donkey and Willbee the Bumblebee .

Out now, The Dinky Donkey!

The Wonky Donkey had a child… it was a little girl! Hee haw!
Get your copy of this laugh-out-loud picture book today.

The Dinky Donkey (PB)

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