Top tips for starting secondary school

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Starting school is an exciting but nerve-racking time, and with secondary school applications underway we understand that you and your child may be thinking about the transition and looking for some guidance. Whether your child is worried about their lessons, nervous about making friends or struggling to build confidence, read about how you can help soothe their doubts and make the transition as smooth as possible with our top tips!

5 top tips for starting secondary school

  1. Ask your child to list 3-5 of their favourite things about school or what they’re most looking forward to about starting school – this is a great way to help them associate positive things with the big change. It can also be helpful for them to list their worries, so you can work together to find solutions!
  2. Join a parent support group/forum and meet other people in the same position as you! Whether it’s in person or online, a support group/forum is a great place to share your worries, experiences, and top tips with other parents and come together as a community.
  3. In the week leading up to their first day, encourage your child to do enjoyable activities to help them stay calm and relaxed, such as going for a walk, reading their favourite book, or watching a movie together.
  4. Be prepared! Whether this means getting your child’s school uniform ready the night before, having a morning routine in place, or making sure they’ve got all their school supplies before the big day, your child will feel less nervous and stressed if you’re organised.
  5. Remind them to have fun and enjoy exploring a new place, learning interesting things, and making lifelong friends!

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