What’s new in Teen: our favourite 5 picks

The BBC’s #LovetoRead campaign has got us thinking – even more than usual – about the pleasures of reading, and how important it can be, particularly during our formative years. Unfortunately, statistics show that less and less teens are reading for pleasure year on year.

Our Teen Book Club brings together a selection of the best in teen fiction; there’s plenty of young adult classics, but you’ll also find the most exciting new releases. So, in the spirit of reading for pleasure, here are five of our favourite new books in the world of YA!

Thing About Jellyfish

The Thing About Jellyfish

Exploring themes of grief, loss, friendship and loneliness, this is a powerful, beautiful story of growing up and accepting things for what they are. When Suzy loses her best friend, she can’t accept it – there’s no way she would have drowned, she was a strong swimmer. She has to make sense of Franny’s death somehow. Or else (like the rest of us), she’ll be stuck in a scary and painful world where awful things just happen for no reason, and friends drift away, and people die…

Stealing Snow

Stealing Snow

The definition of the perfect winter read – the first in a brand-new fantasy series, you’ll fall in love with Danielle Paige’s powerful heroine and the snowy world she lives in. Think Frozen and Maleficent – all grown-up.

Wolf Wilder

Wolf Wilder

The latest book from the Carnegie-winning author of Rooftoppers, this is a moving, original fairytale fantasy set against the most stunning snowy backdrop. The Russian revolution retold with magic, wolves and storms. Cosy up for full-on fireside bliss.

Marvel Ironman: The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet

An exciting Iron Man adventure by story legend Eoin Colfer, this is part of an all-new series of Marvel adventures by top authors. Tony Stark is many things: billionaire, inventor… and invincible Iron Man! Strong on the outside. Tormented on the inside. But a fully paid-up superhero right through. Now Iron Man is off to an eco-summit on the Irish coast. But he soon realises it’s not just the environment that needs saving.

Going Solo & Travelcard Holder

Going Solo

It’s almost time! The brand new book from vlog superstar Zoella, out on 17th November – witty, heart-warming and romantic, it’s everything Zoella fans hoped it would be. And, as part of our November Book Club, you’ll also receive a free exclusive travelcard holder!

Find out more about our Teen Book Club and how your school can get involved here.

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