Author Q&A International Women’s Day 2020

Welcome back to our author Q&As!

This month, we’re celebrating all of our amazing authors and new releases – especially our female authors and their incredible life experiences which inspire their ideas, plot lines and creative writing.

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Leila Rasheed
Author of Voices: Roman Story: Empire’s End

“On our days out, the most special place my parents would take me was the Roman Ruins. When we got there it was a magical world for me it was deserted and perfectly preserved. That’s what I drew on when I wrote for the Voices series.”

“Voices tells our real history. People like Camilla were real. Empire’s End has a real message – it’s about who we are.”

Laura Wood – author of Vote for Effie and Under a Dancing Star, and more!

“Kindness, compassion and empathy are such an important thing in the world”

Damaris Young – author of The Switching Hour

“Adventure is a great way to engage children in really complex issues.”

Amber Lee Dodd – author of Lightning Chase Me Home and The Thirteenth Home of Noah Bradley

“All of my books are very rooted in contemporary Britain and social issues. Lots of the characters are inspired by children I work with… a lot of my own experience went into my writing.”

Vashti Hardy – author of Brightstorm, Wildspark and Darkwhispers

“I love science and invention and I love mixing that with fantasy… merging worlds create questions and wonder.”

“I really do believe that everyone’s got their own extraordinary in them … and I just knew I’d regret it if I didn’t try.”

“Having a good crew around you as you go through life is so important.”

In celebration of inspiring women and International Women’s Day, we’d like to say a huge congratulations to Vashti Hardy for receiving the Blue Peter Book Award 2020 for Best Story Category for WILDSPARK.

A true gem of mind-expanding fantasy. Check it out below with the Blue Peter sticker. Congratulations to Vashti!


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