The Summer Digital Book Club has arrived!

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Our Summer Digital Book Club has landed, and we’ve made sure our selection is designed to meet all your summer reading needs – treat it like the holiday reading list you’ve been waiting for!

This time around, our Book Club is completely online – so it’s even easier and quicker to run. Spend just a couple of minutes setting up a School Group Order and then share the unique web link we’ll provide for you with parents, so they can shop and pay directly online. The books will be sent to school free of charge when your Club closes. Less admin for you, and more convenient for parents.

All you need to do to get started is complete these three simple steps:

1. Go to at and set up a new School Group Order for parents to add to and pick an order deadline date. It takes a couple of minutes; just follow the step-by-step instructions throughout.

2. Once your School Group Order is ready, make parents aware you are running a club online by sharing the brilliant range of books available with your unique shop link. Why not send an email or a text out to all parents and include your unique web link?

3. Parents (and fellow staff) can choose their books from the web links you send them, pay directly online and have them added to your School Group Order. When your order is closed, all the books will be delivered to school free of charge.

Or maybe you are a parent…

Scholastic Book Clubs are a fantastic, fun way to help your children fall in love with reading. Each half-term, we put together a new selection of the latest and most well-loved children’s books at the best-value prices, and every one of them is read and chosen by our team of experts. Your children can easily pick out the books they’re excited about reading next, and then we can deliver them to your school for free.

If your school doesn’t run Book Clubs, there are still plenty of ways to get involved. Take a look here to read how you can get involved in Book Clubs as a parent.

Find out more about our Book Clubs and how your school can get involved here.

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